Product reminder: these chicken wings sold everywhere in France must not be eaten!

Every week, the French are invited to inquire. We think of buying only healthy products while shopping, but this is not always the case. To avoid eating contaminated food, it is better to pay attention to product recalls that explain which foods are affected by recall campaigns. Today, it is chicken wings that are concerned. And for good reason: they are contaminated with listeria, the bacteria responsible for listeriosis, a disease that can be very serious.

Product recall of hundreds of chicken wings

Poultry lovers should also check their fridge. Hundreds of chicken wings sold in supermarkets in Ile-de-France, Grand Est and Hauts-de-France are affected.. Two brands are affected by this product recall: Champagne poultry and smart prices.

For the first brand, the products concerned are as follows: Paprika chicken wings, Mexican chicken wings, Paprika chicken wings, and also Mexican chicken wings, chicken wings, Mexican wings. These are sold in U, Auchan, Leclerc, Carrefour and Intermarché stores, in particular. They have been on the market since August 5 and their expiry date is from August 15 to 21.

For the second brand, two recipes are concerned. Mexican chicken wings and paprika chicken wings. The barcodes are: 3284870714848 and 3284870770004. Contaminated chicken wings have been sold at Leclerc, Cora and Carrefour since August 5. Their expiry date is from August 12 to 15.

What is listeriosis?

Behind this word hides an infection caused by ingesting food that is contaminated with bacteria from the Listeria family. The latter is only killed by heat. It resists cold well and can therefore proliferate in the freezer. In the vast majority of cases, raw products are most often contaminated. It is the government site that reminds us of this by listing: poorly washed fruits and vegetables, unpasteurized dairy products and raw milk cheeses, undercooked meats, charcuterie products, smoked and raw fish, raw shellfish, or even sprouted seeds. It is impossible to recognize a food contaminated by Listeria, it has the same appearance, the same taste and the same smell as a healthy product“.

Today, this disease is also rare in France since there are only five or six cases per million inhabitants. But it is still lethal. People at risk are pregnant women, the elderly and infants.

Symptoms of the disease can occur between two days and two months after contamination. The first symptoms are similar to those of gastro, with diarrhea, abdominal pain, digestive disorders, fever and body aches. For the people least at risk, it stays there. They are also simply advised to rest and bring down the fever. But sometimes, the disease has a neurological impairment (behavioral disorders). If it gets worse, it can also cause blood poisoning.

The French are fed up with product recalls

Today, it is also difficult to trust when we go shopping. Quite simply because the major distributors are constantly recalling products. Today, the sad reality is this: you can also die by eating a simple frozen pizza. We are obviously referring to the Buitoni scandal, since some children have died and others have serious physical consequences after eating pizzas produced in deplorable conditions.

This health scandal has ulcerated Ingrid Kragl, director of information at Foodwatch. She does not understand how, in 2022, such an event is possible. Questioned by Le Parisien, she expressed herself as follows: We are not talking about small isolated companies that have made a mistake but multinationals that know very well what they are doing. With each new scandal, we see that the same errors, the same offences, the same levity are repeated. Manufacturers also act in reaction, not in prevention”.

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