Prohibition of animals in accommodation: whose fault is it?

Owners who do not properly care for their pets are said to be the reason behind the banning of animals in a majority of accommodations.

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As July 1 approaches, organizations such as the Humane Society (SPA) are fighting for the abolition of the clauses preventing tenants from having a pet in their accommodation.

According to Martin Messier, president of the Association of owners of Quebec, the fault does not lie with the animals, but with the owners of doggies.

“We must guarantee the peaceful enjoyment of the premises, which is not always possible. It is never the animal that is the problem, but rather the master of the animal,” explains Mr. Messier.

“We leave abandoned animals, we don’t pick up excrement and that creates problems for the other tenants who ask us not to have neighbors with animals,” he continues.

He maintains that requests for prohibition are often made by other tenants of the same dwelling.

“Definitely only with a security deposit, we could make tenants aware of how to properly maintain the accommodation, to take care of the accommodation and their animal”, mentions the president of the APQ.

Note that in Quebec, security deposits are prohibited by law, unless it is a payment of a sum of money other than the first rent.

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