Purchasing power: expanded use of meal vouchers



Purchasing power: the power of meal tickets expanded

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M. Damoy, A. Malesson, C. La Rocca, E. Noël – France 2

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In the form of bank cards or checks, restaurant vouchers are a means of payment for 4.8 million French people. They can, since Thursday, September 1, buy more products through this system.

Flour, pasta, rice, eggs are now payable in restaurant tickets in stores. Since Thursday, September 1, any type of food product comes within the power of this means of payment. Before, only sandwiches and other salads or ready meals were concerned. “I don’t go to the restaurant at lunchtime so I use them for the house. The more I can spend my tickets, the better”reacts a Marseille employee, satisfied with this new possible use.

Another change should make its arrival on October 1, the passage of the ceiling from 19 to 25 euros. The share of shopping paid for in meal vouchers could therefore increase. “Life is getting very expensive so it can help”says a customer in a supermarket parking lot. But the increase in purchasing power is not so straightforward for Pascale Hebel, directive partner at C-Ways. “What it would take to increase purchasing power is for companies to increase the amount given by the company. The Restaurant tickets, dining chits, meal tickets are, in fact, financed half via a salary share deducted from theemployee.

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