Putting a coin in your freezer: why you should do it before going on vacation

by Jessica Meurens

Do you know the coin in the freezer trick? If this one is effective in general, you really should do it when you go on vacation or are away for a long time. Explanations.

If you don’t know this trick, it will revolutionize your return from vacation. Indeed, putting a coin in your freezer will help you know if the food in there can still be eaten or not. You’re probably wondering how… Don’t panic, we’ll explain everything to you!

Have you ever come back from vacation or a weekend and noticed that there had been a power outage in your home? The problem is that you don’t know if it will last a few minutes or several hours, or even several days… At that point, what happens to the food in your freezer?

Yes, because a freezer is very practical for storing our ingredients or leftover meals and thus fighting against food waste, but it is then important to respect the cold chain. This is why defrosted food cannot be re-frozen. So, if your freezer breaks down or if you have a power outage that lasts too long, it is imperative to throw everything inside to avoid food poisoning, which can be more or less serious. …

What is the coin technique?

But how do you know if your freezer suffered a power outage that thawed all of its contents while you were away or on vacation? Indeed, there are small clues such as the fact that your oven clock is flashing or is not at the right time… But the power outage may have lasted only a few seconds. In this case, it would be silly to throw away all the food it contains, for nothing.

This is where the coin in the freezer technique comes in! To find out if your food has been thawed and then refrozen, use this method: place a bowl filled with water in your freezer and when the water is completely frozen, place a coin on top and leave everything in the freezer.

When you return from vacation, check the condition of the bowl and the piece. If the piece is still on the surface, there was no problem and you can eat your frozen food without any problem. On the contrary, if the piece is in the middle or at the bottom of the bowl, there has been a breakdown and your freezer has had time to thaw. You must then, unfortunately, get rid of everything it contained to avoid getting sick.

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