Rafael Nadal injures his nose with… his own racket

Rafael Nadal has had a lot of physical problems during his career, but the Spaniard broke new ground this Thursday night at the US Open. At 3-0 in his favor in the fourth set of his match against Fabio Fognini, in the second round of the New York Grand Slam, the world number 3 injured his nose alone with his own racket.

After a backhand hit off balance, the 36-year-old saw the frame of his racquet bounce against the ground and then hit his nose.

Surprised, “Rafa” dropped his racquet then walked to his chair before lying down, stunned by shock. Slightly cut, he was treated during a medical time-out and finished the game with a bandage on his nose. This did not prevent him from finishing the job against the Italian (2-6, 6-4, 6-2, 6-1).

“I was a bit stunned at the time, it was a bit painful, he explained after the game. It had happened to me before with a golf club, never with a tennis racket! »


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