Rapper Timal films himself hitting his dog, the 30 Million Friends Foundation files a complaint

The rapper from Champs-sur-Marne (77) posted a video on Snapchat showing him kicking his dog (8/30/2022). The 30 Million Friends Foundation immediately filed a complaint for mistreatment and asked for the animal to be brought to safety.

The bad buzz is total. Rapper Timal, who notably collaborated with Booba, staged himself punishing his dog with kicks in a video posted on the social network Snapchat, Tuesday August 30, 2022.

Kicks to “educate” him

In the 8-second video, Timal kicks his dog./Snapchat screenshot

On the sequence of a few seconds titled “Asshole goes”, the visibly frightened dog receives several blows from the rapper who justifies his actions by showing puddles on the ground, suggesting that the dog urinated. In view of the indignant reactions that arise, the artist quickly published a photo of the animal wearing a muzzle with this comment: “Ahh cvvvv jlaim lboss c léduc [l’éducation] “.

Alerted by Internet users, the 30 Million Friends Foundation immediately made a report on the Pharos platform and filed a complaint for animal abuse. The Foundation also requested the immediate safety of the animal. Initially shared on Snapchat, the video then circulated on Twitter before being deleted.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation files a complaint

Timal’s video sparked outrage on social media. Sports journalist Tiffany Henne recalled on Twitter: “No hitting a dog is not educating it and filming yourself doing it is so revealing”. The youtubeur Arkunir loose, him, a “End of career we will listen to you more Timal”. The rapper’s dog was recovered and brought to safety.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation condemns this cruel act and is alarmed by the use, by certain celebrities, of social networks to promote animal abuse. The French footballer Kurt Zouma had already found himself in the heart of the turmoil after a video of abuse on his cats. The 30 Million Friends Foundation had filed a complaint against him. The player had his cats taken away and sentenced to community service.


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