RC Lens – Stade Rennais Ligue 1 LIVE: follow the match with us

72nd: The crazy reflex of Brice Samba who goes down on a sudden shot from Laborde at 10 m!

70th: SECOND BUUUUUUUUUUT LENSOIS! Openda wins his duel with Rodon, clearly too light and guilty on this one, and adjusts Alemdar. The Lensois have just sank Rennes in less than five minutes.

66th : Found at the corner of the Rennes surface on the left side, Fofana chained a double crossing of legs to put a Rennes in the wind before placing a curled shot from the opposite small net space. A fucking treat kids!


62nd : It turns out that it was Laborde on the last occasion in fact. I take it he’s come into play. Or else Doku has changed drastically.

60th : It’s the festival of crossfire tonight, this time it’s Terrier who sticks to it but it’s not crossed. Samba was beaten.

57th: Alemdar pulls out a classy save on this Openda crossfire, magnificent! I still think that he would still have had time to get out on the Lensois striker at the start of the action, but he caught up well, nothing to say.

55th : Nice sequence of Doku who enters the area and tries a snooping shot in the ventilator of Samba, the Lensois goalkeeper was vigilant and pushes back for a corner. Come on, it’s getting lively, there’s already been four times more chances in ten minutes than during the entire first period.

52: The deviation of the head of Medina, it comes close to the Rennes bar! Nice center of Fofana too.

47th: Popopopo the Lensois are back on the job! Double chance in less than thirty seconds with a first cross shot from Sotocat which grazes the post and a second sequence with three shots countered in quick succession by Rennes’ legs.

46th : Go, since it is necessary, one returns there. “It’s an intense match with two teams that are well organized and that don’t leave a lot of space,” commented Franck Haise at the microphone of Canal.

45th: Half-time, thank you god! See you in a quarter of an hour. Or not, I’ll see.

44th : Lensois free kick a good 25 meters from Alemdar’s goal, Frankowski looks for a header but it’s cleared by the defense. I’ll cry for two minutes and I’ll come back.

39′: It’s the turn of Rennes and Doku to claim a peno, there too the referee doesn’t say a word (I love this expression).

37th : It’s true that it looked damn tense as pre-game.

35th : Okay so I take this opportunity to greet the prefect of Pas-de-Calais who has laid down a decree for the supervision of the movement of Rennes supporters. To justify its decision, the Prefecture evokes shovel the risk of attack “particularly high”, the migratory pressure, the presence of supporters “at risk” or the existence of recurring internal tensions between independent supporters of Rennes. Just that. It announces a good season again on the front of individual freedoms.

32nd : Frankly the friends, the arms fall to me, I don’t know damn what to say in this live. We’re going to end up having charades.

27th : Doku puts an involuntary blow in the muzzle of Openda and deprives himself of a good possibility of attack, that’s stupid, there was finally a little space behind the Lensoise defense…

24th: The Rennais respond to Fofana with a good shot from the young Désiré Doué (17 years siouple!), Samba is on the trajectory but there was some nerve in this attempt from the kid, that’s good!

22nd : But, but, but? Wasn’t that the first shot of the game? Absolutely. After 21 minutes of play.

21st : Bad choice from Fofana who chooses the shot (crushed and loooooin from the frame) when he had a good left side offset solution.

18th: Openda collapses in the Rennes area under the whistles of Bollaert but the referee says nothing, play gentleman. And the slow motion confirms it, Mr. Brisard made the right decision, it was a grotesque dive. Pfiou we went to that to have an opportunity!

15th : The public launches an Aux Armes story not to snooze directly.

11th : Well listen, if you want to go to the bathroom or do your accounting, frankly, go ahead, absolutely nothing is happening in this game.

7th : Big cleat from Fofana on Flavien Tait, the player is struggling to get up. That pretty much sums up the start of the match, it’s more dirty than sexy so far. Damn guys, I sold my Minuots a crazy match, it would be a question of starting to play!

5th : Not yet big offensive sequences on one side or the other, we feel that the guys fear each other. The two teams are rather well organized too, there is little space, obviously it plays.

2nd : While the two teams sniff each other, I take this opportunity to point out the two notable absences on the Rennais side of Kalimuendo and Mandanda, both injured. And Laborde is on the bench.

8:55 p.m. : The players arrive on the lawn, and as usual at Bollaert, it’s noisy and it gives us the hair.

8:46 p.m. : The Lensois XI.

8:45 p.m. : We take the live at the last moment, sorry, the day was busy. So I throw the compositions directly at you and I let you analyze them like grown-ups. Honor to visitors.

8:40 p.m .: Hellooooooooooooooooo darlings!!!!

A blindax stadium from blindax, a radiant sun, a lawn in billiard mode, a madman atmosphere and two teams that advocate attacking football, you will admit that we can hardly do better to spend a dream Saturday evening. Like their last season, the Lensois have started this 2022-2023 opus all the way and here they are already quietly installed in second place in the standings behind PSG. No doubt they have no intention of letting go of their chair anytime soon, and it will take a very big Stade Rennais tonight to beat this team.

See you at 8:45 p.m. for the pre-match, to all the Minutos!

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