Recently Rescued Dog Is Very Grateful To Be Freed From Chains

Sometimes all we need is love. He can turn a horrible situation into a positive one, and this dog named Asher gives us the example. He was rescued in a very bad state, and in a short time he made an amazing transformation. This video is the main reason people need to save more animals.

There are millions of animals in shelters looking for homes. Of course, some are adopted, but those who are not are more numerous and most are euthanized.

Recently Rescued Dog Is Very Grateful To Be Freed From Chains

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If you can’t save an animal, consider fostering it for a few weeks to help these struggling animals at least have another chance at a better life.

Asher was transformed in just a few days. We can see in the video how happy he has become during this week in foster care. From start to finish, this transformation is truly stunning.

Asher was rescued from his chains by Dogs Mereid Better in Smithfield, Virginia. He decides to show his love as an employee tries to keep calm during a phone call with the CEO. Asher was adopted soon after and now lives in a huge home with a loving family and another dog he adores.

Rescued dogs always show how grateful they are to have a new home.

Dogs Mereid Better shared on Facebook:

“His new brother is called Benji and they are best friends. He owns 17 acres which he walks daily and loves going to the garden with his master. He steals tomatoes from the bucket as they are brought in, carries them down the aisle, and tries to eat them before his mistress finds them. He also has 30 chicken friends and is very curious”.

No doubt Asher has found the home he deserves and will never be chained again.

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