Rennes: a large bar-restaurant franchise wants to set up in the city center in 2023

The Ninkasi franchises use the codes of AVEC&CO, rue du Breil, or MOREX, rue du Lieutenant Colonel Dubois in Rennes. (©Ninkasi)

Last July, the brand’s founder NinkasiChristophe Fagier, briefly mentioned to our colleagues atNews Lyon his desire to open an establishment in Rennes.

So inevitably, News Rennes wanted to know more about the project of this Lyon-based company, which aims to create a large bar-restaurant-concert venue.

What does Ninkasi mean?

No, Ninkasi is not a Japanese sushi or a famous geisha! In Sumerian mythology, Ninkasi is the name of the goddess of beer. And for the record, the Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia between -5000 and -1750 BC.

Cécile Rivoire, network director, answers our questions and draws the outlines of the future Rennes Ninkasi.

News: Can you introduce us to the Ninkasi brand?

Cecile Rivoire: Ninkasi is a bar-restaurant and party place concept created in Lyon 25 years ago, in September 1997. Our franchises are based on three pillars: beer, burgers and music. We brew our own beer and offer free concerts twice a month in each of our 25 franchises. Most of our establishments are in the eastern regions but we now want to develop everywhere in France.

Cécile Rivoire, Network Director France, at Ninkasi. (©Ninkasi)

What can you tell us about the future Ninkasi Rennes?

CR: Rennes is one of our target cities. Ninkasi’s customers are students but also working people who come for an afterwork or for lunch. We are still at the planning stage but we would really like to settle in the city center, but not on the outskirts. We have identified two locations that would be suitable for the structure.

The founder of Ninkasi evoked the creation of a smaller Ninkasi and more adapted to the city centers. Will this be the case in Rennes?

CR: Yes, that’s the goal, even if our structures take up a lot of space, especially to brew our beers. The Rennes franchise should occupy an area of ​​300m² against 450m² for the traditional Ninkasi. I want to reassure our future customers, there will always be a bar, restaurant and concert area.

The architecture of Ninkasi franchises. (©Ninkasi)

Have you found a franchisee to carry out the Rennes project?

CR: No not yet. I invite anyone interested in this project to contact us.

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What horizon should the future Ninkasi Rennes open to?

CR: It is still early to give a fixed date but we hope to open between September 2023 and January 2024.

If you want to become a franchisee, you can fill out the contact form here.

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