Restaurant initiative: 2% charge on your restaurant bill

Would you agree to pay a 2% charge on your restaurant bill, so that this amount is redistributed to the kitchen staff?

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Two restaurants in Old Quebec have decided to adopt this initiative, to the delight of the staff of these establishments.

The amount of the fee is redistributed among all the staff members, which leaves more tips for the waiters/waitresses. Charges are calculated on the invoice price before taxes.

Key players in the restaurant industry are highlighting the initiative, as it promotes staff retention.

VAT News

Jean-François Bédard, catering director at the restaurant Chez Muffy, explains how his clientele reacted to the new amount.

“All the customers joined, we had very few comments, complaints or misunderstandings about the fact that we impose a 2%. Once we explain to them, customers understand the purpose of our approach,” he said.

The manager of the establishment, Rosalie Plante, says that imposing this fee on customers allows her to have more money in her wallet.

“It’s a good thing, after all, we are a team. It allows us not to have to separate our tip. Maybe I wouldn’t mind if my base salary was a little higher,” she said.

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