Restoration in need of manpower

In Kano, the post-Covid era is still complicated for local catering, because the missing employees are seasonal workers often coming from France, according to the director of the establishment, Joyce Nourel.

In the population of Martinique, there are very few people who work in catering, not enough in any case to meet the needs of all the restaurants on the island. Normally, in high season, we have more than thirty employees. Right now, we’re around 20. We had to compose: close some days, not open at noon…

At Flamingo, the situation is identical, as indicated by the co-manager, Frédéric Octavius:

Since the Covid, many people have questioned themselves and now these trades have been fled. So we work with temp agencies, Pôle emploi, we try to do recruitment everywhere, but it’s not easy. You often find people who have no experience at all, who see it as a small job. So these are elements that we will hire, but who will quickly get tired and run away from the task!

Faced with these “labor galleys“, Joyce Nourel prefers to bet on the future:

We are counting on a resumption of activity with the new winter season for Europe and the return of seasonal workers. Of course, we would also like to have employees from Martinique applying to all the restaurants on the island.

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