Reviews | With Elon Musk, drama is the point – Reuters

Who knows? But I bet you’ll tune in tomorrow to find out. Or, more likely, Musk’s antics will be unmissable and you won’t have a chance to tune out. And maybe that’s just the idea.

Elon Musk’s whole thing is to ride it; he seems to act on impulse and emotion, often without apparent logic, consistency, or even an obvious goal. Still, whatever Musk does, there’s one thing you can count on: you’ll hear about it. It will appear in headlines, on your lock screen, in your feeds. Talking heads will pontificate over him; newspaper columnists will analyze it; presidents will joke about it.

Musk’s ability to capture the world’s attention may be as important to his empire as any innovation in batteries, solar panels, rocket engines and tunnel boring machines. Indeed, many of these advances are made possible by the media trick that Musk uses time and time again. First, make a big, sometimes impossible promise – the bolder, the more haphazardly planned, the more unlikely, the better. Then find a way to turn the resulting attention into new customers, investors, or fanboys. Then rinse and repeat. Sometimes his big talk unfolds, but that rarely feels important if the promises never come true. After all, failing to deliver only increases the drama, and with Elon Musk, drama is the point.

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