Rohff thanks Elon Musk and announces the concert of the century

Rohff thanks Elon Musk and announces the concert of the century

Rohff delighted with the removal of negative comments!

Following the release of his latest track Masterclass, Rohff raged at the negative comments on Twitter by trying to challenge Elon Musk on the social network to the blue bird to ask to react in order to proceed with the deletion of the fake accounts.

“Only positive and objective comments on YouTube and Insta so only on Twitter it rages in fake accounts with 0 or 5 subscribers” Rohff said last weekend in the face of negative reactions to his new single on Twitter while being pleased with the positive feedback from listeners on Youtube and Instagram. “Wesh @elonmusk will really have to remove these bot options capable of creating fake accounts, fake comments under our posts. Oh weaklings.” he added to be annoyed by some messages that are written by “bots” according to his opinion.

Housni wants to make history with his concert

After the recent takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, many personalities have spoken about the changes on the social network. The rapper from Vitry-sur-Seine wants a purge to be put in place to make fake tweets disappear. This message from Rohff did not go unnoticed because he won his case. “Ok @elonmusk thank you bro for deleting the 1000 fake accounts from the day before yesterday lol but for those from yesterday what do we do? Suddenly there are coms that appear and disappear with bimbo’s photo and copied messages. Are you fooled? B2zeub let your cb breathe wsh sleep a little” he commented with a screenshot of the profiles calling for his boycott which were sanctioned.

Rohff then promoted his concert at the Accor Arena on Tuesday November 15 by announcing the concert of the century. “D-5 Who will miss the concert of the century? Even the haters just come, I’ll shock you, open your eyes with a crowbar, you’ll realize a lot of things. he tweeted along with a video in preparation for his live show from the concert hall.


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