Salmonella alert: Pepito, Pim’s, Little Schoolboy, Granola… these cookies are hard to find on the shelves

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The manufacturer of these cookies, the giant Mondelez, had to shut down some production lines after a salmonella alert.

Pepito, Pim’s, Granola… you must have a box of these biscuits in your cupboard. However, right now you are having trouble finding these cakes, which are among the favorites of the French, in your store. The reason ? Their manufacturer had to shut down some production lines after salmonella alerts.

Contacted by Olivier Dauvers, consumer expert, the consumer service of the food giant Mondelez explains that a “factory has been stopped in Belgium for a major cleaning”. This is the Wieze production unit of its cocoa supplier Barry-Callebaut. “Our cocoa supplier alerted us to the possible presence of salmonella” continues the industrialist.

According to the expert, an audit of all of Mondelez’s industrial sites followed, with production lines shut down. As in other factories such as Cestas in Gironde, explains BFM TV.

Mondelez preferred to anticipate and apply the precautionary principle by stopping the production lines in order to avoid the scandal that Ferrero experienced last spring. In France, 81 children fell ill and 22 were hospitalized.

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