Seine-et-Marne: fined 2,400 euros for mistreatment of her dogs

“Did you do this?” Are you proud of it? You don’t padlock dogs in a cage in the dark without giving them something to eat and drink! Monday at the Melun police court, the president starts strong after reading the facts against Sylvie (name has been changed)a former resident of Moissy-Cramayel (Seine-et-Marne), present at the helm.

She was appearing for animal abuse. On May 13, 2018, the police were alerted to nuisance barking coming from a closed apartment, shutters closed. According to the neighborhood, the tenant has moved for seven days without taking her dogs.

When the police enter inside, a pestilential odor jumps in their throat. They discover three locked cages in the dark. Behind bars, three American Staffordshire dogs and a small uncategorized Staff. Urine and feces litter the ground.

Locked in cages 22 hours a day

“They had to eat every day, we took them out every day, me and my brother,” says Sylvie. She mentions the emergency hospitalization of her daughter in Paris preventing her from spending more time in Moissy. Shutters closed? It was a question of avoiding water infiltration from the outside… Placed in the pound, the four dogs were returned to him. It entrusted three of them to third parties.

In front of her, two associations of the animal cause show the fangs. “The cages are one meter long and 50cm high. Imagine inside these American Staffordshires who, in adulthood, weigh between 18 and 32 kilos and measure 45 to 48 cm! More in the dark! It is the horror ! says Me Elodie Martigny for the Animal Assistance Foundation. “She admitted during her hearing that they were locked up 22 hours a day. The offense of abuse is constituted”, she asserts, sweeping away the “not very objective” certificates from the family according to which Sylvie takes care of good of his animals.

“Animals are living beings endowed with sensitivity according to the Civil Code, recalls Me Patrice Grillon, lawyer for the Stéphane Lamart association. Ill-treatment also means putting animals in poor conditions of detention. Locked dogs, without water or food or toys, but urine and excrement. The medical problem is not a major and absolute impediment to properly caring for animals. She could have entrusted her dogs to third parties. She made choices. »

Lawyer for the defendant, Me Frédéric Grilli rejects any “voluntary act of characterized mistreatment”: “She and her brother came, but he was not questioned… According to the pound, the dogs were not thin as if they had been left for seven days without food. Only the young one, not yet clean, relieved himself all the time. His client “had to make a choice between her daughter and her dogs”.

In this case, Me Patrice Grillon represented the Stéphane Lamart association and Me Elodie Martigny the Animal Assistance Foundation. LP/Sophie Bordier

Sylvie was sentenced to a fine of 2,400 euros (600 euros per dog), a ban on keeping an animal for three years and the confiscation of the one that remains (thus following the requisitions of the public prosecutor), but also to 2,000 euros damages for the Stéphane Lamart association and 500 euros for the Animal Assistance Foundation. Without forgetting 2,000 euros to be paid to them for legal fees.

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