Seven to eight: the Web shocked by the strange taste of these sausages in the supermarket!

On the August 21 broadcast, “Seven to Eight” had spoken of a butcher’s shop in supermarkets. The report focused on a hypermarket which encounters a difficulty during the summer period. The latter captured the attention of viewers, but for some not very flattering reason. The subject even rose to #TT on Twitter.

The Harry Roselmack Minute

Since 2006, Harry Roselmack presents “Seven to Eight”. This TF1 show takes viewers to the heart company events and latest facts.

The reports found in the program tell stories and testimonials people who are in different situations. “Seven to Eight” occupies TF1 viewers every Sunday.

On August 21, “Seven to Eight” talked about the situation of supermarkets during the summer holidays. Some of them often face difficulties when they are understaffed. In addition, stock-outs are the source of a great dilemma.

A hypermarket in Argelès-sur-Mer juggles between these two problems. The report focused on this hypermarket which is one of the most profitable in France. During the two summer months, this distribution managed to increase its turnover to 30% of the annual total.

To ensure such a profit, the HR of the hypermarket do their best to attract new employees. In a sequence of the report, viewers witnessed a scene that shows the approach of HR. A recruiter wasarrange a candidate on his working hours.

When the report turned to the butchery department, viewers were able to discover the existence of certain sausage flavors. This sequence of “Seven to Eight” made noise on social media.

Sausages with improbable tastes

Traditional cured meats and meat were sold on its shelves. To the surprise of viewers, they sell sausages with strawberry tagada, laughing cow, or even smurf. There is more of 100 varieties of sausages with unusual tastes in this hypermarket.

Out-of-the-ordinary recipes that have not failed to make people react. The show “Seven to Eight” showed two parents who bought a few varieties to taste these sausages. These parents wanted their children to taste it, but they did not join.

An opinion well supported by Internet users who are sick of these rather original sausage tastes. The discussion of these varieties of sausages arrived on Twitter with the hashtags #septahuit.

“Sausage smurf who eats it seriously” says a user.

Many shared their opinion using the disgust or vomit emoji. In any case, nobody wants these sausages.

Strange foods around the world

Speaking of weird taste, some countries have food that’s as wacky as it is weird. In the Philippines, there is the cooking of the egg called balut. These are duck eggs, but beware! They use duck embryos that they will boil alive in the shell. The balut is eaten with the beak and wings of the embryo.

If you are used to eating Mexican Guacamoles, you may not want to try Escamole. This is abouta refined dish which dates back to the time of the Aztecs. This dish is made up of insects, more precisely ant larvae. Mexicans prepare the larvae by sautéing them in butter or frying them.

In Iceland, shark is one of the more or less ordinary dishes. For the curious, it is not abouta shark freshly collected from the waters.

Greenland sharks are poisonous when eaten cold. It must therefore be left to ferment before using it to prepare a dish. If you think about the smell and taste of rotten fish, Icelanders eat them without a problem.

Alaska Natives used to use the Akutaq on long trips. You can find everything there except cream. In the mixture, there are seal oil, reindeer fat, and snow. They add small fruits and sometimes fish for the ” taste “.

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