shareholders vote in favor of Elon Musk’s project

This is an additional episode in a soap opera that has kept the stock market and financial chronicle in suspense since the spring. Twitter shareholders have agreed to the project filed in April by Elon Musk, which provides for the acquisition of the social network for 44 billion dollars. A good valuation of the company’s share, since the operation brings it to $54.20 (€54.30) per share… Except that Twitter’s stock price has plummeted, it is currently hovering around $41 .

Under these conditions, there was no doubt that the shareholders would vote in favor of the transaction. Except that at the beginning of July, Elon Musk unilaterally withdrew his purchase proposal! This caused the filing of a complaint by the management of Twitter: the trial will therefore open on October 17, justice will determine whether the billionaire should continue the operation. He could indeed be forced to buy Twitter when he no longer wants it…


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