She leaves without tipping the waiter, he makes a mind-blowing discovery instead

In a pizzeria in New York a woman named Dee Karen and a waiter named Armando saw their fates linked forever. Their crazy story begins when Karen simply wants to eat a pizza from the pizzeria where Armando works, Patsy’s. We tell you everything here.

Waiter at Patsy’s

Armando at the time was only 27 years old. He works in a pizzeria that has a big reputation in order to earn big tips. It must be said that a waiter in a pizzeria barely earns minimum wage. Indeed, if at 27, he wanted to earn a lot of money it was to finance his personal projects. His dream was to become a doctor. But for this you have to pay the school and the adjacent fees. Hence this work.

Patsy’s Restaurant has earned its reputation over the years. Since then, it has been a very fashionable pizzeria with ancestral know-how. A way and a place that unites many New York pizza fans. Armando therefore began to work there. But although his wish was to earn money, he always tried his best to serve well. In this way he could also earn more tips.

The encounter

One day Karen comes to the pizzeria. Armando being a waiter, he approaches her as a client and shows her a table. But this pizzeria being so very famous it hangs pictures of famous personalities who come to eat here. But Karen, accompanied by her daughter, notices that no woman is on this wall of faces. They therefore ask their server for explanations. But even he didn’t know. He then decides to do a joke saying “There are a lot of women in the world and they were asking me why weren’t there enough on the wall. Well I said, it’s summer and women probably don’t like eating pizza as much as men. I just wanted to be humorous“ then entrusted the young man to ABC.

But it turns out that this humor really did not make the two women laugh. In addition Karen being retired she does a lot of volunteer work for associations for help women and the underprivileged children. So, with her daughter, after the meal is over, they do an unusual thing. Indeed, in the United States leaving without tipping was very rude. Yet Karen and her daughter left without tipping the waiter. Karen explains to ABC saying “We weren’t going to tip him, and we wrote this on the note: ‘Women eat pizzaand by the way, did you know that women don’t leave tips?”.

Armando disappointed

Indeed, when Armando saw this he understood that his humor had not passed. But even if in the United States it is really very frowned upon not to tip, Armando did nothing and decided to just let it go. In addition that day he was overwhelmed, so he just cleared the table.

But when he took the plate away, he saw something. “I was going to totally clear the table when i saw the envelope. I lifted the flap of the envelope and saw ‘Citibank’ and thought it was important so I ran down the street to get them but they were gone” he told the NY Daily. But a little curious, he looks at the contents of the envelope. He sees in it the sum of $424,000.

A serious mistake

But Karen didn’t notice right away that her check was missing. She states that “They said they couldn’t void it because it was a cashier’s check. I had to wait at least three months before I could start the process again, and only if the check had not been cashed in the meantime. My world had just crumbled”. So the woman began to think about where she could have lost him. And paces.

For his part, Armando had spoken of his discovery to his boss. And the latter contacts a newspaper to find this woman. When at last the woman was found she ran to the Pizzeria; Although she hadn’t left any tips, the waiter hadn’t stolen that check. So, Karen was very grateful to this server. Finally, she warmly thanked the young man with such a special sense of humor. And after which the owner asks Karen to pose in order to start hanging women on his wall.

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