She lived among 111 cats in unsanitary housing

A 44-year-old woman appeared Monday before the correctional court of Albertville (Savoie) for “voluntary abandonment of a domestic animal, tamed or captive”. In May 2021, the gendarmes had discovered 111 cats at his home. The felines lived crammed into the unsanitary housing and in the dark, reports The Dauphine Libere. The soldiers had also found the corpses of seven cats, locked in a freezer.

She denies abuse

The defendant had been the subject of several reports from associations, in particular in Côte-d’Or where she previously lived. Los of her audience, she assured never to have mistreated her animals. She took in stray cats with the aim of creating an association and having them adopted, she explained.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation is a civil party in this case. Six months in prison with a probationary sentence were required. The verdict will be delivered on July 11.

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