She moves from Lillebonne to Le Havre: her animals found “in a state of extreme thinness”

Found in an advanced state of thinness, the two dogs are doing well today and should be adopted by a foster family.
Found in an advanced state of thinness, the dog and the two cats were taken care of by associations.(©Pixabay Illustration)

Monday August 22, 2022, an agent working for a social landlord managing an apartment in Lillebonne informs the police that a tenant who has just moved to Haven left behind two cats and a dog.

“They went well for a week without food”

The animals were found “in a state of extreme thinness”, indicates a judicial source. Arrested in her new home, the owner of the animals explained in police custody, “that she came a few times a week to feed them. But according to the findings, they remained well a week without food, “says this same source.

The animals were cared for by associations, “the SPA for dogs and a specialized association for felines for cats”.

If she recognized the facts, “the owner minimizes them a lot”, supports this same source. In any case, she will have to respond to the court in June 2023.

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