She suffers cardiac arrest in her sleep, her cat saves her life with a heroic gesture

There are many myths around cats. In general, they are seen as bringing luck and good news. You have surely heard that a cat has 9 lives. Well this time, a cat offered one of its many lives to its mistress. This one saved the life of his mistress who was having a heart attack in his sleep. We tell you everything according to the sources of our colleagues at Démotivateur.

A cat saves the life of its mistress

The story took place the night of August 8, in Stapleford, a town located in the county of Nottinghamshire (England). A feline wakes up its owner in the middle of the night.

That day, Sam Felstead, a 42-year-old receptionist, did not expect to witness of a surreal phenomenon. Remember that she lives with her mother and her cat named Billy.

billy the cat
Source: SWNS

She also had dogs. And that night, before sleeping, she had taken them for a walk. She falls asleep right after. His cat, Billy, wakes him around 4:30 a.m. After waking up, she felt bad.

“I woke up in the early morning covered in sweat and unable to move,” she told Metro UK magazine.

The Brit discovers that she had a heart attack. After waking up, she really didn’t feel well. She decides to go and wake up her mother. The two go to the hospital. Arrived there, after analysis, the doctor makes a chilling revelation.

The specialist revealed that Sam Felstead was having a mild heart attack. Luckily the cat was there to wake her up in time. Thanks to the flair of her pet, she had avoided the worst.

The heroic gesture of the cat

You will have understood, the cat woke up its owner. A move that saved her life. How did the hairball get on with it? To rescue the life of his house, Billy (the cat) sat on his chest and had meowed loudly in his ear.

“Billy was sitting on my chest and meowing loudly into the hole in my right ear,” she told Metro UK magazine.

Source: SWNS

It should be noted that the pain she felt when she woke up was in the right side of her body. Let us also specify that the cat’s behavior is unusual.

“He was really meowing. He doesn’t act that way in normal times, he sleeps all day and all night, ”explained the miracle in an interview with the daily Indian Times.

Did the cat really save his life?

Interviewed in the daily Indian Times, Sam affirmed thatshe felt absolutely fine before going to bed.

“I didn’t feel sick and I had no pain.”

Yet after being woken up at 4:30 a.m. by her cat. Doctors diagnose him with a heart attack. It is important to point out that if she had not woken up and went straight to the hospitalit could have been worse.

In any case, the forties is happy that her cat woke her up. For her, of course, Billy saved his life.

Billy the cat and his mistress
Source: SWNS

” He [Billy] doesn’t usually sit with me, but he knew something was wrong, because he wouldn’t leave me alone. I think he saved my life, like everyone around me,” reports BBC News.

Lucy Oile, an expert in feline behavior, gave his opinion. According to her, the cat smelled the physiological change of its owner:

“It could be that the fact that he jumped on her and mewed was a sign of her anxiety. I think he probably saved his life, because that’s what got him medical help, but I wouldn’t say he did it on purpose, he reacted to the situation. »

She really was in danger of dying

This mild heart attack was hiding a bigger problem. Hospitalized between August 8 and 11, Sam underwent angioplasty. Surgery to modify the blood vessel from his heart to his arteries.

She will have to undergo treatment. His cat changed behavior after returning from the hospital.

“When I left the hospital, he [le chat] didn’t come near me for hours. I don’t know if I had a strange smell coming from the hospital,” she explains.

She concluded with:

“As long as I feed him, he is fine. »

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