she takes advantage of her life as a dog by developing a passion for a soft toy

She is rescued from a lab

This little Beagle is gradually learning to enjoy her new life.

Earlier this year, 4,000 Beagle dogs were rescued from a research facility in Virginia, USA.

A dog who has never known the life of a dog

According to the first elements of the investigation, this contract research center violated more than 70 federal regulations.

The thousands of dogs were thus dispatched to different associations. Like 128 other dogs, Dory will be one of the doggies taken in by the “Triangle Beagle Rescue” association.

As the site The Dodo explains, Dory will walk through the doors of the association with her eight puppies.

Rescuers quickly realized that Dory’s life revolved around her babies. The poor thing had never known anything else.

A passion for a green alligator

The dog’s foster family has made it their mission to help her learn to be a dog. For this, she decided to offer him her own toys.

Very quickly, the dog fell in love with a green plush. Impossible for the Beagle to leave her favorite toy behind.

As proof, even to eat, she didn’t want to let go of her alligator. While waiting to find a family for life, the “sweet and loving” dog continues to play with her favorite cuddly toy.

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