Shortage: butter risks disappearing from the shelves before the end of 2022!

Since January, France seems totally shaken up. In effect, eating and daily habits are forced to change. And for good reason, between inflation, shortages and product recalls, everything becomes difficult. But if French cuisine has taken quite a blow with the shortage of mustard and oilit is now at butter to worry about his availability. We’ll explaine everything here.

Butter, essential in French cuisine

If butter is one of the essential elements of French cuisine, it too is in danger of disappearing from supermarkets. Indeed, after the oil and the mustard which were very lacking, butter may even be worse. The cause is of course global warming as well as the current global context which is blocking many product exports. But before you see it disappear, it will be visible the increase in its price.

In elaborate dishes, basic dishes such as pasta or even for everything that remains dessert, you will have to learn to do without it. So say goodbye to slices of bread with jam and butter in the early morning, or even pasta at noon and cakes at snack time. It is on France Info that Dominique Schelcher, president of System U, declared “I watch the butter very closely. Our suppliers alert on the availability of sesame from autumn then I fear that the supply will be complicated at the end of the year”.

Internal causes

If it happens that the global context has a huge influence on imports from France and therefore causes a shortage of certain products such as mustard. Indeed, for mustard, the concern is that the grains which are necessary for its creation have been lacking a lot. Whether it is Canada, which usually exports a lot to France, could not because of lower harvests. In normal times, France can count on its eastern neighbors. But these are in a delicate situation which prevents the export. It turns out that for butter, the problem of milk arises.

Milk is the main element to create butter. However, it has been shown that in recent years, the latter has been greatly reduced. It is again the president of System U who explains that without milk, there is less fat, and therefore less butter. But this last also wants to temper the fears. If the risk of shortage is possible, he speaks of sporadic shortages. Indeed, it will therefore not be like an epidemic but in an isolated case depending on the difficulties of production as well as the availability of packaging.

The alternative

Even if butter is an essential part of French fridges, it can be replaced. Indeed, for all that is cakes, whether chocolate, fruit or other, you can replace it. By oilthe ricotta the cheese white and even vegetables. Indeed, in many dietary cakes, butter seems to have already been removed. It turns out that zucchini is an ally to make your cake soft, and this, for far fewer calories than butter. In addition, this kind of vegetable does not give flavor to cakes. Thus, even if the butter runs out, it must be seen as a small dietary change. In and more, beneficial for your weight or your cholesterol !

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