Since the takeover of Elon Musk, Twitter has seen its number of active users explode

A week after his arrival, the Elon Musk effect on Twitter’s appeal is confirmed. An internal document shows that the platform is showing growth in its monetizable daily users.

After his first full week as Twitter boss, Elon Musk seems to make many curious. An internal memo viewed by The Verge indicates that the platform has never had so many active users.

Would the billionaire take his revenge on the advertisers who stopped their advertising on the social network? On Monday morning, the marketing teams received a document containing a question-and-answer session with employees. To be used in the sales pitch for advertising slots, it is indicated that Twitter welcomes 15 million additional monetizable daily users.

More users all over the world

In total, the internal memo indicates that the number of accounts that can generate revenue to “exceed a quarter of a billion”. Since the takeover of Elon Musk, the growth of daily active users has grown by more than 20%.

The latest official results from Twitter, in the second quarter, advanced a number of monetizable daily users of 237.8 million and 16.6% growth over the year. The Elon Musk effect therefore seems to be verified.

This increase is true everywhere, but “even more in the United States”, specifies the document. An important detail since the American territory concentrates the majority of Twitter users, and therefore of its potential income.

No increase in hate speech

However, advertisers still seem reluctant to trust Elon Musk’s Twitter. The billionaire had explained in a tweet that the company was facing “a massive drop in revenue due to activist groups putting pressure on advertisers”.

Among the fears of companies to advertise on the platform, the possible increase in hate speech or misinformation in the name of the freedom of expression wanted by the new boss. General Motors has temporarily suspended its paid ads on Twitter.

Despite a spike in hateful and racist remarks (due to targeted campaigns, assures Twitter), the internal document specifies that messages of this type remain within the historical standards of the platform. These tweets thus represent 0.25% to 0.45% of the hundreds of millions of publications per day.

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