Six days later, Elon Musk no longer wants to be a Twitter leader

After “Elon Musk becomes the majority shareholder of Twitter” and “Elon Musk joins the board of directors of Twitter”, discover “Elon Musk resigns from the board of directors of Twitter”. A series of 3 episodes, all aired in one week.

That More beautiful life and Tomorrow Belongs To Us go get dressed, the soap opera “Elon Musk at Twitter” is, by far, the most exciting. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX, known for his unpredictability, has been multiplying astonishing actions for the past few days. After publicly becoming Twitter’s largest shareholder on April 4, he quickly joined its board of directors on April 5, at the invitation of Twitter’s boss. A meteoric rise that let us imagine a bright common future between Elon Musk and the social network.

Since this announcement, Elon Musk has multiplied the wacky tweets where he criticizes the company and offers everything and its opposite. On April 11, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced that Elon Musk had stepped down from his role on the board.

Tweet Parag Elon Musk
The tweet posted by Parag Agrawal. // Source : Twitter

Elon Musk wanted to turn Twitter headquarters into a home for the homeless

In its press release, Parag Agrawal indicates that the board of directors of Twitter met several days ago to discuss the place of Elon Musk in the company. Together, they decided to offer the boss of Tesla a place on the board of directors, which should have been effective from April 9.

Unfortunately for Twitter (or fortunately some would say), Elon Musk announced on Twitter the very morning of April 9 that he no longer wanted to join its board of directors. Parag Agrawal remains positive indicating “thinking it’s for the best”, while indicating that he will remain attentive to Elon Musk, who remains his largest shareholder. We can understand it, it is better not to make Elon Musk his enemy.

Elon Musk CA joke
Source : Twitter / Elon Musk

Since the announcement of his arrival on the board of directors of Twitter, Elon Musk has multiplied the jokes on the social network. After having fun making believe that he was behind the “edit” button which the company has been working on for a long time, the businessman published a meme of himself smoking weed to joke about the future boards of directors of Twitter, which did not necessarily please the company.

Later, in deleted tweets (unlike him), Elon Musk was very critical of the paid Twitter Blue subscription which he proposed to change (with new functions, such as a badge to indicate that ‘we’re part of the elite), offered to rename Twitter to “Titter” and, more surprisingly, thought ” very serious “ by proposing to transform Twitter HQ into a center for the homeless (on the street where Twitter is located in San Francisco, there are a lot of homeless people. We can imagine that a site visit preceded this tweet).

All these publications, voluntarily polemical, undoubtedly explain why relations between Twitter and Elon Musk have become strained. Can’t wait for episode 4!

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