SNCF simplifies fares for pets

From now on, packages of 7 euros in TGV Inoui and 10 euros in Ouigo will be applied. It does not matter the size of the animal and the duration of the journey.

One more reason to bring your pet on vacation. SNCF has decided to change its prices since Thursday, June 23. Now a flat rate will be applied regardless of the journey and weight of this travel companion. Namely 7 euros by TGV Inoui and 10 euros by Ouigo. This system replaces the old one which sometimes made a significant difference between those who weighed less than 6 kilos and the others. Indeed, the first, transported in a container, were already subject to this price of 7 euros, while the others paid half the price of the kilometer scale. Result, in some cases, the ticket of the dog, cat or other was much higher than that of the master.

Still for the sake of simplification, the option to have your pet travel is now present on the website and on the SNCF Connect application. It is no longer necessary to go to a shop to take the ticket.

Unchanged travel conditions

On the other hand, the travel conditions are not changing. The little ones should be placed in a container and kept on their knees. Larger dogs must be muzzled and travel at the feet of their master. It is not authorized for a traveler to have more than two canids on a leash or two containers in a TGV Inoui and not more than one per adult in the Ouigo. Attention for these funds it is not possible to cancel only the ticket of the animal once it is reserved.

Only exception, guide dogs. For them, the journey is always free and no ticket is necessary. Wearing a muzzle is also not compulsory.


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