Soulja Boy criticizes Elon Musk’s management of Twitter and promises to launch his own social network

The major changes made by Elon Musk do not sit well with Soulja Boy.

After taking control of Twitter for $44 billion, the Tesla boss is making enemies. Soulja Boy, known for not saving the truth, expressed his annoyance. This was done on Saturday, November 12, still on Twitter.

Paid verification subscription mode criticized

Soulja Boy tweeted directly at Elon Musk to shout his frustration. “Now you can just pay to be verified? Twitter was destroyed“said Soulja Boy in his first message shared with his 5 million subscribers. “Bro leave Twitter alone @elonmusk wtf you do. »

The rapper followed up by threatening to quit the platform. The situation even prompted him to announce that he will work to launch his own platform in the form of a social network. “Wow…I can’t believe it. Fuck it, I’m going to make my own app,” said Soulja Boy. “bye twitter [emoji doigt signe de paix] catch me on instagram till my app launch. »

For the moment, the rapper has not yet managed to attract many people to leave the application to the blue bird.

Soulja Boy is not the first

Soulja Boy’s complaints don’t seem to be exaggeration. Doja Cat also raised her difficulty in changing her name. “Why can’t I change my name here“, had written Doja Cat. “How can I change it too fuck you elon. I don’t want to be Christmas forever @elonmusk please help I made a mistake. »

The new boss had reacted with a willingness to help. He will respond with publications before confirming to Doja that this can now be done. “You should be able to change your name now“. Instantly, Doja became “Pet”.

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