state allows fourth demountable beach restaurant

The City of Royan has already had to manage the demolition of the restaurant Le Lido, boulevard Garnier, replaced by Odil, open from April to the end of October. A successful operation according to the mayor of the seaside resort, Patrick Marengo. “Those who opposed it a year ago for fear of noise pollution, I find them having an aperitif or a meal there. I don’t hear about anything anymore, ”says the elected official. It is now the turn of the City of Saint-Georges-de-Didonne to stick to it. It was the newcomer to the municipal team, Pierre Sallé, who picked up the baby since he was in charge of public markets.

La Cazuela is one of the restaurants affected.


“We have four lots to award. Those corresponding to La Cazuela and La Réserve, boulevard de-Lattre-de-Tassigny as an extension of boulevard Garnier on the beach of Vallières, that of L’Acapulco at the end of the large beach of Saint-Georges and finally a last location which does not exist today and which will be located between the Relais de la Côte de Beauté and the central aid station (blue tile building). The demolitions of the existing restaurants will start in November”, indicates the delegate municipal councilor. The various locations must be occupied by buildings that can be dismantled in winter. Which, technically, is not an easy task and financially far from being neutral.

An authorized atmosphere bar

The concession period will be 12 years. “I judged that it was necessary to leave time to the candidates to amortize their investments”, specifies Pierre Sallé. The deadline for returning applications is September 15. Phases of analysis of the various files and negotiation will precede the choices of the future managers. “Knowing that we cannot apply for several lots”, underlines the elected Saint-Georgeais.

A certain animosity begins to rise in the neighborhood.

Good news for the regulars of the place, the prefect authorized the creation of a bar with atmosphere only on the site of the current Reserve. “That is to say the equivalent of what exists”, confirms the municipal councilor. The opening authorization will be from March 2 to October 29. The space must remain free the rest of the time.

La Réserve has been a Saint-George institution for many years.  The place is very busy in the summer.

La Réserve has been a Saint-George institution for many years. The place is very busy in the summer.


“A certain animosity is starting to rise in the neighborhood. I have lived here for 14 years. The Reserve was two nights a week. Mayor François Richaud told us that exceptionally, with the closure of nightclubs due to the health crisis, he authorized a closing at 2 a.m. every night so that young people could have fun. However, Le Rancho has reopened and it continues. The nuisances are unbearable”, complained a local resident during the general meeting of the Friends of the Park. The person concerned points in particular to the time slot following the closing of the establishment and requests more police patrols at that time.

A balance to be found

For Pierre Sallé, these nuisances are very real. But for him, the fault lies with some customers who misbehave when they return to their vehicles in the adjacent streets. “We do what we can, but we also need the police to help us. We are a seaside resort and we need entertainment. We can’t close everything. More police is also what La Réserve manager Thomas Brossard is calling for. The latter was also not opposed to the bar activity being transferred to the location of the new lot, between the Relais de la Côte de Beauté and the building of the blue tiles, on the large beach of Saint Georges. “There are more parking options and fewer neighbors. Behind is the forest. Now it’s not me who decides,” he points out.

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