Stellantis (Peugeot) does not cash in on the takeover of Elon Musk and suspends its advertisements


[Elon Musk] explained this weekend that [Twitter] experienced “a massive drop in revenue, due to some activists putting pressure on advertisers.”
Ah? Yet Stellantis said:
“We are pausing paid advertising messages until we have a clearer picture of the future of the platform under its new leadership”
It’s strange, they don’t say that their decision was motivated by the evil activists…


…and suddenly, they announced it on twitter or not? xD


Musk’s ego will always find a culprit in activists, leftists, reptilians, etc.


Has it occurred to you that, for an automotive group on which EU standards impose a draconian schedule for the production of electric vehicles, it was complex to advertise for a competitor? Before being a horrible “fascist” for having bought Twitter, Musk was the super cool guy from Tesla, Space X, the friend of Iron Man, the smoker of “baidos” on TV, etc…
So a hell of a much cooler competitor than Carlos Tavares.


He’s a good investor, dude.
45 billion in it.


Mastodon is too “artisanal” at the moment, unless the federations are managed by the multi-billion dollar companies themselves?
That there is an outcry from other automakers is somehow justified , controversies on freedom of expression or not. Question of platform neutrality since Musk also owns Tesla…
With a little “luck” Musk will drop Twitter for 75% less of its acquisition value in a few months, seeing the liner sink. A fund or a multi-billionaire personality known for his philanthropy could well be interested.


@Clubic: Why does it read that “Since Musk’s dramatic takeover, Twitter’s monetizable daily user (mDAU) growth has accelerated to over 20%, while “Twitter’s largest market, United States, is growing even faster » » (source TheVerge) and no article to talk about it?


But what are they getting into at Peugeot… they make CARS; they have nothing to do with getting involved in politics!
Anyway, companies are expected to withdraw out of fear; in three to six months, they will all return in silence because they will have more to gain than to lose…


Of course, in addition to the direction that Twitter is likely to take, giving money to the boss of Tesla is not the best solution for Stellantis.


It didn’t occur to you that GM stopped, Stellantis is FCA too so Jeep & Chrysler US and it’s above all that Musk’s ego has just made him lose 44 billion.
Such a cool guy who called these American workers lazy because they don’t work 12 hours and 6 days a week like these “nice” Chinese workers, who fired 50% of Twitter’s staff and who wants to make people work 12/7.
Such a great visionary who is calling back part of the staff fired because Twitter no longer works normally.
He’s so cool that if you have the misfortune to tell him the truth about his management, it’s the direct door.
Basically closer to the big redneck than cool guy.


Ben Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink, Solarcity
Not to mention hyperloop, OpenAI, neuralink…
And now Twitter! With an incredible takeover never seen in all history!
He is the richest but above all he is the richest industrialist who built everything with his work and during his lifetime; not like Bill Gates/Steeve Jobs/Mark Zuckerberg-style tech hacks or Warren Buffett-style financial raffle players who take advantage of others…
So yeah the “guy” is a good investor.< br /> And “the guy” came into HQ with a sink just to play a pun! He fired the leaders a day before he entered so they wouldn’t touch their golden parachutes. He fired all the useless people who showed up at work to sip smoothies and do yoga and to show diversity and manipulate opinion… They’re not factory workers, don’t believe them! They are old children, the scourge of the new generation: full of superiority and evil smugness; the madmen of egocentrism; a look on tiktok and we can see their days well!
In short, there is really not much to complain about if we look a little


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At the same time, Musk or not, who is going to buy a car based on the ads he saw on twitter?!
But on the other hand there will surely be a lot of tesla ads soon…

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