Stéphane Linou challenges a chef to concoct a local and responsible meal

For the moment, 36 challenges have been completed, always with success. Invited during the Summer University of the E5t foundation (energy, efficiency, environment and territories) in La Rochelle, the former General Councilor of Aude this time imposed his constraints on the caterer Julien Renaudeau, of Planète Sésame. The latter was in charge of preparing the meal for the 250 guests and speakers.

A varied menu

In the specifications of the challenge, four constraints must be respected. The products must come from a maximum distance of 51 kilometers as the crow flies, the meal must be “chic” and contain at least three courses, the cost must not exceed €9.50 per person and the carbon equivalent of the plate must reach 1.6 kilos at most. “I’m trying to make people and the media aware of the need to be able to source locally,” explains Stéphane Linou.

“On the menu of shit, we are only at the aperitif”

When it is time to sit down to eat, the dishes are examined with care. Vegetable salads as a starter, Mogettes de Vendée with fish, chickpea balls or chicken as a main course, a fruit salad with apples and melons or a Charentaise galette for dessert.

For Julien Renaudeau, the challenge was not easy. “The most complicated was the distance constraint. We recovered some fish fillet from the Ile d’Yeu. The caterer who is used to working with exotic products had to adapt his recipes. “In our salad, we replaced mango with peach. » All products are carefully selected. “The bread and the galette are made with Courçon flour. »

Food resilience

Two years ago, Stéphane Linou added the low carbon constraint. “I calculated it from the ambitions of the Paris Agreement, which set the carbon footprint at 1.6 kilos per person per day. So I wanted to show what it represented on a plate. With this new constraint, the plates saw the meat decrease. “This is what costs the most in carbon, and especially red meat”, specifies the one who is from the Lot.

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