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3 Indicators Available on TradingView for Stock Trading

  • TradingView has thousands of built-in indicators that can help you trade instruments of all kinds.
  • Today’s article will focus on fast and reliable indicators that are best suited for stock trading.

Traders will frequently use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to gauge the direction a company’s stock price may be heading on the stock market.

There is usually more reliance on technical analysis when traders are interested in short-term trading. Technical analysis examines price movement by using charts in combination with technical indicators to attempt to predict future price movements.

TradingView has thousands of built-in indicators that can help you trade instruments of all kinds. Today’s article will focus on fast and reliable indicators that are best suited for stock trading.

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Here are 3 TradingView indicators for stock trading

1. Fixed range volume profile

One of the most widely used technical indicators in stock trading is the Fixed Range Volume Profile Indicator. This volume profile tool allows you to analyze volume levels at specific price levels at specific times.

The fixed range volume profile indicators are one of the best available as you can use it on both long term and short term trades as the histogram overlaid on the chart shows important price levels based on the volume of transactions. This indicator helps reveal what is going on with the stock and how its price might move in the future.

This indicator is essential for understanding the supply, demand and overall liquidity of stocks.

fixed range volume profile stock market indicator

2. Coral Trend Indicator

Coral trend indicator is a famous trading platform trend indicator MetaTrader 4which was ported to TradingView.

The coral trend indicator can be used as a replacement for a simple moving average and best used in combination with a regression channel indicator.

You can think of the coral trend indicator as a filter. If the slope trend is up, it may be best to filter out all short entry positions, and vice versa. If the slope is flat, both the long and short scenarios may still be in play.

Coral tradingview stock market trend indicator

3. QIndicator and BIndicator

Another useful indicator when trading stocks on the stock exchange is a trend quality indicator. One of the best in this category is the QIndicator and BIndicator trend quality indicator which can help traders understand the unique behaviors of a particular stock.

This trend quality indicator is made up of two components; the Q indicator and the B indicator.

The QInidicator is a graphical histogram that visualizes the potential quality of a trend. The higher the green bars in the histogram, the more likely a positive trend is to continue, and vice versa with the red bars.

The BIndicator is the multicolored plot line above the histogram. The BIndicator ranges from 0 to 100 and indicates the strength of a trend regardless of direction.

qIndicator bIndicator stock market tradingview

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