Strasbourg. When bats invite themselves into your living room

This Strasbourg man first thought of nocturnal hallucinations. In the chiaroscuro of his living room, Monday around 11 p.m., he thought he saw a shadow pass before his eyes. Then a second. Then still others. The whole thing spinning more and more quickly around his couch. Vagal discomfort or paranormal phenomenon? With the flick of a switch, light was shed on the case: five bats were engaged in a sarabande on the third floor of a quiet building next to the court on this beautiful summer evening. After a lot of antics and a good half-hour of closed-circuit flight, four left, the last one obviously having great difficulty leaving the home she thought she had given herself.

Nothing exceptional or very serious, reassures Suzel Hurstel, head of the wildlife mediation center in Alsace. Constituted by the GEPMA (Group for the study and protection of mammals of Alsace) and the LPO (League for the protection of birds), the organization has recently received…

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