Stuck between the bars of their cages, decomposing corpses, mutilated newborns: the unbearable images of a rabbit farm for the brand Le Gaulois

The defense association for animals, L214, denounces the conditions in this breeding. A shock document. Sensitive abstain.

L214 recidivism. L’association who fights for animal rights struck again. This Wednesday, L214 thus released a document denouncing the conditions in the rabbit farm of Frédéric Blot, located in Domalain in Ille et Villaine.

The images are terrible: rabbits injured and untreated or dying trapped between the bars of their cages, newborn babies “mutilated by their stressed mother”others rotting in excrement pits, a freezer full of corpses, animals piled up in carts to take them to theslaughterhouse… Unsustainable images.


According to L214, this breeding belongs to the president of the National Federation of Rabbit Producer Groups. “Some of the rabbits from this farm are marketed under the brand Gallic of the LDC group and under the name ‘Lapins LDC Nature d’éleveurs (see a breeding document), sustainable breeding approach of the LDC Group’. The manager of this farm, Frédéric Blot, is also pictured on the label of the rabbit meat trays”specifies L214, who carriedcomplaint to the prosecutor of reindeer for the offense of bad treatments (lack of care for sick or injured rabbits, unsuitable facilities causing suffering, violent handling) and for the offense of abandonment (animals left dying) against the SCEA du Moulin, against Frédéric Blot, its director and against the health veterinarian of the ‘breeding”.

The association also calls for the closing of operation.

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