Joseph Boussion, the influential shepherd, is working in Haute-Tinée this summer with his 9 dogs

Nearly 40,000 followers on Facebook. On the account Carnet de berger, Joseph Boussion tells and illustrates his daily life: postcard landscapes, explanatory posts, his rants and his adventures. The shepherd has been keeping a flock of 1,100 ewes in Gialorgues, in the town of Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage since June 12. “I came to Haute-Tinée for the local … Read more

Faced with the shortage of kitchen staff, restaurateurs in Cannes are offering extras to voluntary retirees

At sailor’s barneighbor of their Brown Coffee, Hervé Audierne and Dimitri Vankerm appeal to the elders. A call from June 18, for good food to resist. Because their establishment, like many restaurants, suffers cruelly from a shortage of manpower. “Today, our profession is facing an unprecedented situation. Either we can no longer find staff to … Read more