Private jet, champagne and gifts… The sumptuous birthday of Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat

By Alexandra Marchand Posted yesterday at 4:32 p.m., Update yesterday at 4:34 p.m. Choupette Lagerfeld this Monday, August 15, her birthday. Screenshot @choupettelagerfeld/Instagram On August 15, the creator’s beloved animal, who disappeared in 2019, celebrated his eleventh birthday. A look back at an unusual celebration. That was over three years ago. On February 19, 2019, … Read more

the new rules arrive in France

Eight months after the vote of an emblematic law against animal mistreatment, a first text defines the new rules for the acquisition of a horse and the issue of the “certificate of commitment“For owners of cats or dogs, according to a decree published Tuesday, July 19 in the Official Journal. The law “aiming to fight … Read more

Stray: pre-order physical editions, vinyl box set and carrying bag for real cats

stray promises to be the refreshing little game of the summer, the title of BlueTwelve and Annapurna Interactive will arrive next week on PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC and will feature an adorable cat wanting to go home, in a futuristic city. The title will therefore be released in two short days on online stores, … Read more

Going on vacation without your pet? Here are the solutions to keep it

Like every year, the holiday period rhymes with abandonment of pets. On average, 25,000 are abandoned each year in Wallonia and 65,000 throughout Belgium. For pet owners, departures on vacation are always a special organization. If some do not ask themselves the question and leave with their furry companion, others call on family or friends. … Read more

The Brittany Spaniel: origin, size and character

This affectionate and sporty dog ​​is an ideal companion for families. He needs significant daily physical expenditure. Naturally calm and caring, thebrittany spaniel is a breed of dog appreciated by the whole family. Dynamic and playful, he loves physical activities and shows great loyalty to those around him. Back to all the practical information about … Read more

A World Dog Day at the office to establish a new trend in business

Dubbed “Take your dog to work day”, literally “The day to take your dog to work”, it aims to encourage employees and business leaders to be more open to this practice, the beneficial effects of which are numerous. Did you come across a Chihuahua or a Labrador in the hallways of your company this Friday? … Read more