Philippe Piat (UNFP): “Clubs want to trade by taking on as many players as possible” – Girondins

Philippe Piat spoke on RMC Sport about the loft in football clubs. The Girondins and PSG are concerned. © Iconsport “The system must be blamed” Philippe Piat, co-president of the UNFP players’ union on RMC Sport: “A player who is in a club, who does not want to play on purpose, that almost does not … Read more

The DNCG oversees the finances of the Girondins de Bordeaux – Girondins

The Girondins had an appointment before the DNCG on Tuesday to find out the decision of the supervisory body for professional football clubs. She gave her verdict. © Iconsport “Payroll management and transfer allowances” The DNCG published its measures: “Supervision of payroll and transfer allowances in the Budget presented by the Club”. The Girondins de … Read more