trading platform or cryptocurrency?

Teslacoin: what should we really understand from this name? At first, TeslaCoin is a specialized type of trading platform that was launched in 2010. Its site is automated and allows traders to get rich without having to make great efforts in terms of analyzing the crypto market. Click here for more details on this. Indeed, … Read more

Elon Musk wants more babies and more oil

During a conference in Norway, the billionaire considered “important to perpetuate civilization” and “to explore more” hydrocarbons in the country. The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, himself the father of ten children, on Monday called on his contemporaries to do “more babiesbut also to exploit more oil and natural gas. “Believe me: the … Read more

faced with a difficult context, Moscow restaurants are struggling

Published on : 08/25/2022 – 19:25Modified : 08/25/2022 – 19:41 The Russian press, and especially the daily Kommersant, reports a figure, this Thursday, August 25: a drop of 11% in restaurant attendance in August, compared to last year. This is one of the consequences of the sanctions taken against Russia. From our correspondent in Moscow … Read more

But why is Elon Musk selling pieces of Tesla on the stock market? Need cash or afraid of going out of fashion?

©Brendan Smialowski/AFP Atlantico Business Not only does he not have the 44 billion dollars in cash to buy back Twitter if justice finally forces him to do so, but he seems to have trouble being able to count on the financiers who, at the start, had promised to support him. Perhaps he is also afraid … Read more

Elon Musk: an economic model in question

Published on : 05/06/2022 – 15:31 He is the man who is talked about so much in the four corners of the planet, and who hit hard by announcing for 44 billion dollars the acquisition of Twitter, this now essential social network, including for economic circles. With more than 90 million followers on Twitter, the … Read more

the City of London has lost 14% of its restaurants since the pandemic due to telework

The London business center is more affected by this phenomenon than the rest of the city. Restaurants located in residential areas, in particular, suffer less. The City of London, the financial heart of the United Kingdom and central district of the British capital, has lost 14% of its restaurants and bars since the pandemic, showing … Read more

L214 files a complaint for clandestine “complicity in the slaughter of animals”

L214 accuses the Sofa company, which specializes in the animal trade, of having “sold and delivered live sheep to individuals”, as part of the celebration of Aïd-el-Kébir. The association for the defense of animals L214 filed a complaint on Wednesday August 3 against the Sofa company, which it accuses of having sold live sheep in … Read more

Recession, Elon Musk and your vacation

The summer is marked by the effects of the recession, the war in Ukraine and the health crisis. With each new interview on Bloomberg or another somewhat serious channel, the word recession is now pronounced in a more relaxed manner. Everyone even seems finally relieved, without saying it so directly. At least that seems to … Read more

the showdown continues

Published on : 07/12/2022 – 20:29 In the United States, Twitter denounces the “unjustified” abandonment of its takeover by Elon Musk. In a letter addressed to the boss of Tesla, the social network asks the billionaire to respect his commitments. After the abandonment of the takeover of the platform by Elon Musk, Twitter fell on … Read more

We know the name of the future brand that will carry the future 5-star hotel in Menton

Bye bye Marriott. Welcome InterContinental. The future 5-star hotel in Garavan will not open under the brand initially announced. But it will include a spa, two restaurants, 90 rooms with an average area of ​​45 m² (accessible for 350 euros per night), 10 suites between 80 and 100 m², modular rooms for organizing seminars, a … Read more