Asian, Mexican, Italian…: a food festival to discover in Dour in August

The first Mons edition of the Team Groslard festival took place this weekend. And it attracted a lot of gourmets to the Place du Parc! ** ******* ******** **** ******** ** **** * ********* ** *** **** **** ***** *********** ************* ** ***** ****** ******* ******** ** ** *********** ******* ** *********** **** ****** ***** … Read more

Elon Musk will open his first restaurant in Hollywood and you can watch movies on the big screen while charging your Tesla

Yet another madness from Elon Musk. Reported by US media ElectrekTesla gave a detailed report to the city of Los Angeles regarding a drive-in project. Tesla’s first drive-in If the term drive-in does not mean anything to you, it is a concept which, as its name suggests, makes you drive in. On site, a car … Read more

a resident of Yvetot sentenced for mistreatment

Posted on 06/15/2022 at 17:37 A resident of Yvetot was found guilty of deprivation of care for his two dogs Shitzu and sentenced to Rouen. The dogs had been discovered in a deplorable state – (Photo DR) The court delivered its judgment on June 7, 2022. A resident of Yvetot was found guilty of deprivation … Read more

This Japanese fried rice omelette is driving TikTok counters crazy

FOOD – You thought you knew Japanese cuisine like the back of your hand, it still has surprises in store for you! On TikTok, Japanese omelet videos accumulate millions of views. With its melting and smoking heart, theomurice will make your mouth water. Contraction of the words omelette (omelet) and rice (rice) in English, this … Read more

Looking for original ideas for your barbecue? Avocado, watermelon or artichoke are ready to be grilled

FOOD – Are you preparing your umpteenth barbecue of the year and are you running out of ideas? To help you vary your dishes, TikTok users will inspire you. On the social network, they cook foods that you don’t think of doing on the barbecue, as you can see in the video above. Among them, … Read more

“Top Chef”: Stéphane Rotenberg opens a restaurant with the show’s cult dishes

FOOD – Have you always dreamed of tasting the dishes of the chefs in Top chef? It will soon be possible. In the Parisianthe presenter of reality TV broadcast on M6 Stéphane Rotenberg announces this Thursday, June 9 the forthcoming opening of a “Bistrot Top Chef” with all the best dishes tasted on the show. … Read more