Planch’Alizé: the SOS DPM 97.4 collective calls for the restaurant’s anniversary to be banned

This Saturday, the Planch’Alizé restaurant celebrates its 40th anniversary. More than 1,700 people are expected for the event. A party that does not necessarily delight. In a statement, the SOS DPM 97.4, calls for the banning of this event. The press release: We hear that 1700 guests are expected on the beach next Saturday August … Read more

A Reunionese eats the hottest pepper in the world: “Mi you don’t expect that at all”, he says

This Thursday, August 4, a video was posted on Facebook and was a great success. In the latter, we see a Reunionese eating chilli on a fries and then ending up on the ground. It was this Thursday, August 4 that a video began to buzz on Facebook. In the latter, a Reunionese tastes the … Read more

Saint-Paul: “I am disgusted by his individuals”, explains Yvan, owner of the Ipanéma Café, robbed in the night

This Saturday, July 30, the construction site of the Ipanéma Café, at the Hermitage, was robbed. This incident comes almost 3 weeks after the restaurant-bar suffered a fire, having ravaged it. Yvan Hoarau, manager and owner of the establishment, testifies for Nearly 3 weeks after a fire that completely devastated it, the Ipanéma Café, … Read more

Restaurant tickets: the ceiling for lunch vouchers could go from 19 to 25 euros

Currently at 19 euros per day, the ceiling for restaurant tickets could increase to 25 euros per day. The 6 euros of additional purchasing power do not displease Reunionese. In the process of moving to 25 euros per day, the maximum lunch vouchers will experience a rise of 6 euros. A welcome increase This increase … Read more

World Junk Food Day: Reunion is also concerned

This Thursday, July 21 marks World Junk Food Day, established by the United States. Apart from celebrating food that is too fatty, too sweet or too salty, this day is an opportunity to look back on the dangers it poses to health. This is World Junk Food Day! If some see it as a pretext … Read more

Trois-Bassins: stray dogs kill the poultry of Marie Noëlle farmer, in tears

This Tuesday, July 12, Marie Noëlle, a farmer, discovers that her poultry farm has been decimated by stray dogs in Trois-Bassins. In tears, the farmer and mother is exhausted. 2000 euros of damage, it is the amount that Marie Noëlle lost following a stray dog ​​attack in his breeding Three Basins. About fifty poultry were … Read more

Saint-Paul: three individuals armed with a machete and a firearm rob a restaurant in Saline-les-Bains

It is an improbable scene that took place in La Saline-les-Bains this Saturday, July 9. A restaurant was robbed by three hooded individuals armed with a machete and a firearm. About 300 euros were stolen. No one was injured. Around 11 p.m. this Saturday, July 9, three armed individuals of one cut-cut and one firearm … Read more

Saint-Paul: the Ipanéma Café ravaged by impressive flames this Tuesday morning

Around 1 a.m. in Saint-Paul, the “Ipanéma Café” establishment was in flames. Two security guards from another establishment mobilized before the arrival of the firefighters, to try to control the fire and help the owner. An impressive fire The Ipanéma Café establishment in Saint-Paul was ravaged by flames on Tuesday July 5 around 1 a.m. … Read more

Appellation: plant products can no longer bear the name of foods of animal origin

A true substitute for meat, vegetable protein products will undergo a change from October 1, 2022. Indeed, foods that do not contain meat can no longer be called “steak” or “sausage”. On October 1, foods made from vegetable proteins will no longer be able to use the designation “sausage”, “bacon” or even “steak”. A name … Read more

Saint-Paul: young people steal a trolley filled with bottles of alcohol in a supermarket, hundreds of euros lost

It is a surreal scene that took place in the Leader Price du Guillaume, in Saint Paul, on Tuesday June 14th. Two young individuals stole a trolley filled with foodstuffs but especially bottles of alcohol. The store manager talks about the facts. The scene is unlikely. A trolley filled with alcohol and food was stolen … Read more