“I was famous before Elon was”

At 74, the mother of the ultra-media billionaire, who later became a supermodel, publishes her autobiography. A life between hard knocks and resilience. Meeting with a woman who has never stopped reinventing herself. Become a star model at 74? She did it. Giving birth to the richest man in the world? She did it. But … Read more

Lady Gaga’s dogs kidnapper actively wanted after mistakenly released

Howard Jackson, 19, and two other individuals had been charged with attempted murder and robbery for shooting an employee who was walking the singer’s three French bulldogs. American police were actively looking for a man, released by mistake, who is suspected of having violently assaulted a Lady Gaga employee to kidnap the star’s dogs on … Read more

when robots come to the aid of traders

Trading robot, presentation Robot trading refers to brokerage systems via the Internet. It is intended to help traders determine whether to sell or buy a currency pair at a specific time and to take the psychological side out of trading. These bots are specialized computer programs designed to perform a variety of functions, from managing … Read more

What is a crypto trading robot?

The crypto trading robot AN ALGORITHMIC PROGRAM A crypto trading robot is an algorithmic program. It is designed to automatically evaluate the cryptocurrency financial markets on behalf of the user. When the conditions are met, he places buy or sell orders. CRYPTOCURRENCIES As a reminder, cryptocurrencies are virtual digital currencies. Among the best known is … Read more

The Benefits of Using a Robot for Cryptocurrency Trading

The possibilities of use The advantage of using the bot lies first of all in its ability to use the main currencies available to trade. Using for example the TeslaCoin Robot, you can have access to trading with the most famous currencies such as BitCoin or the famous Dogecoin to stay in the domain of … Read more