what changes for you at the start of the school year

If you have restaurant tickets, the measures recently voted in favor of purchasing power will change the way you use them from the start of the school year. Currently, employees benefiting from restaurant tickets can use them up to 19 euros per day for their meal. Now, with the measures of the law on purchasing … Read more

The “no show”, this scourge which is expensive for restaurateurs

Empty tables, food thrown in the trash and part of the turnover going up in smoke. Restaurateurs warn of a new phenomenon: “no shows”. Understand: customers who do not go to the restaurant despite their reservation. In the middle of the tourist season, the phenomenon jeopardizes a good number of establishments already weakened by the … Read more

Recession, Elon Musk and your vacation

The summer is marked by the effects of the recession, the war in Ukraine and the health crisis. With each new interview on Bloomberg or another somewhat serious channel, the word recession is now pronounced in a more relaxed manner. Everyone even seems finally relieved, without saying it so directly. At least that seems to … Read more