Takeover of Twitter: Elon Musk tries to avoid a rapid judgment of the litigation

The leaders would like the trial to open in September, so as not to prolong the period of uncertainty which is partially paralyzing the company. The multi-billionaire himself asked not to start before February 13, given the complexity of the elements to be examined.

Elon Musk had contractually committed at the end of April to acquire Twitter. But last week, he unilaterally announced that he was terminating the agreement, justifying his decision by the fact that the CA would not have provided reliable information on the number of fake accounts active on the network.

The Tesla boss’s lawyers therefore assure that the trial will require analyzing “mountains of data” to prove, as Elon Musk claims, that the platform is riddled with inauthentic accounts, rogue accounts, and spam, well beyond the 5% proportion indicated by the company.


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