Tamadoge: Gate listing and foot calls to Elon Musk, how to relaunch the TAMA token?

While the TAMA seems to have stalled after a thunderous start, a new listing could relaunch the TAMADOGE project, which continues to develop.

A listing in sight

After alternating between interesting listings (OKX, Uniswap or MEXC) and others with less impact (BKEX or BitForex), the TAMA token will be available in less than 24 hours on the Gate.io exchange platform, a platform bringing together more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies and a listing of which may be of interest to the project.

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While the token boasts an ATH of $0.195 dating back to early October, the asset has since stalled with an 85% drop. Although popular and traded, the asset returned to similar price levels as the last presale: $0.03. The listing will therefore be closely monitored, since it will open the token to new holders and traders who can potentially revive activity around the token.

An ever-popular token

Despite the price drop of the TAMA token since the ATH in early October, the token has not completely lost its luster either. Indeed, the first NFT collections surrounding the project have since been launched and, above all, the trading activities surrounding the token are still significant.

In recent weeks, the crypto meme has repeatedly returned to the top positions of the most traded memecoins on the crypto market or on the BNB Chain. A certain form of prowess for such a recent project, which appeared in the middle of the bear market.

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(Very insistent) foot calls to Elon Musk

While some projects hesitate and stumble when it comes to finding strong backers within the crypto industry, the Tamadoge project seems to have decided which strategy to pursue. Indeed, in recent weeks, the crypto meme social networks have been intensely seeking the attention of Elon Musk, well aware that the latter can prove decisive when it comes to propelling a token to the forefront.

Indeed, while Musk regularly waves DOGE upwards, Tamadoge no doubt wants a strong boost in popularity by getting a tweet about him or a retweet from the Tesla CEO.

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Beyond the modifications on the tweets of the boss of Tesla, the Twitter account of Tamadoge did not hesitate to use on various occasions the face of Elon Musk within these tweet about the Tamadoge token.

A tactic which for the moment has not yet paid off, since despite these regular foot calls, the TAMA token with the image of a Shiba breed dog has not yet been able to attract Elon’s attention. Musk, or at least not the fervor.

While the token and its team are advocating a solid and prepared guideline, and proclaiming themselves as the best project memecoin (with burn, nft, metaverse and play-to-earn strategies already worked out), embark on this point towards Elon Musk looks more like a desperate strategy of a token lacking momentum.

At the same time, the token burn seems to be getting closer (5% of each transaction made on the TamaStore will be burned) since the tweets addressing the token burn are increasing, while teasing the upcoming arrival of the TamaStore.

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