teenager attacked by dogs operated on and hospitalized

A 15-year-old girl, very seriously injured, was hospitalized after being attacked on Saturday by three dogs in Noyen-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe).

The 15-year-old girl attacked by three dogs in Noyen-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe), underwent emergency surgery overnight from Saturday to Sunday, and was still hospitalized Tuesday during the day, learned BFMTV from the mayor of the city. Jean-Louis Morice. She is very seriously injured, especially in the head, but her condition has improved a little since this weekend, according to a relative of the young girl.

According to our information, she could be released from the hospital in the middle of the week. As for the 30-year-old man who rescued him, he returned home after spending the night in hospital.

“He has bites all over his body, even on his heels. He walks with crutches. Without his intervention, the young girl might not be there anymore. It’s very serious”, specifies the chosen one.

According West France , the young girl was walking in the center of the town with her boyfriend, late Saturday afternoon, when she was attacked by three dogs, of the American bully breed. The 30-year-old, who was with his wife and children, heard the cries of the teenager and “immediately” went to see her, according to Jean-Louis Morice. “A first dog first jumped on him. He was able to push him away. That’s when the other two attacked him. He couldn’t do anything,” he describes.

An open investigation

The owners of the dogs were arrested after the attack, according to information from West France. The three dogs at the origin of the facts, and two others of the same breed and belonging to the same person, were also seized. An investigation was opened and entrusted to the Sarthe gendarmerie.

Jean-Louis Morice, the mayor of Noyen-sur-Sarthe, confirms to BFMTV that “this is not the first time that a person from the town has been bitten”. The canines would also have attacked donkeys, according to him. The elected official contacted the prefect on Monday to ask that the animals be euthanized.

On Tuesday, the owner’s five dogs seized were at the Le Mans kennel, according to our information. In the next 15 days, they will be seen by a veterinary expert to determine whether or not they are carriers of rabies, with a view to possible euthanasia.

Clement Boutin and Jeanne Bulant

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