Tesla: Elon Musk promises that his Cybertruck will walk on water

Tesla: Elon Musk promises that his Cybertruck will walk on water

In 2019, Tesla presented the Cybertruck as an electric vehicle combining the functionality of a pickup with the performance of a sports car. Tesla boss Elon Musk wanted to heat up the general public even more by indicating that the futuristic vehicle will allow even more than that. It could even “briefly” function as a boat. According to Elon Musk, the Cybertruck will indeed be “waterproof”, which will allow it to cross rivers, lakes and “even not too rough seas”.

In another tweet, the billionaire specifies that the vehicle will be able to go “from Starbase [un site de SpaceX, une autre de ses sociétés, NDLR] at South Padre Island, which requires crossing the channel”. As a reminder, Tesla’s electric pickup has a unique and geometric design that does not resemble any vehicle currently in circulation.

Towards an upcoming availability?

On Tesla’s website, we can read that this Cybertruck offers “better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car”. Even if the idea seems completely crazy, creating a car that also acts as a boat has been done before, as far back as the 1960s in reality. Still, the car-boat resulting from these experiments, as well as the attempts made thereafter, were not very successful.

Elon Musk has echoed sensational – and dubious – claims about the Cybertruck in the past…with varying degrees of success. In 2019, the Tesla founder and one of his engineers tried to demonstrate the strength of the truck’s front window by throwing a metal ball at it. The ball, thrown at medium speed, punctured the window and shattered it from edge to edge.

The Cybertruck has not yet been mass-produced and the production date is constantly being pushed back. Earlier this year, Tesla pushed production back to the first quarter of 2023 instead of the previously scheduled date of late 2022, Reuters reports. Although mass production has yet to begin, the vehicle is available in North America for pre-order or “reservation” on Tesla’s website.

Source: ZDNet.com

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