the aborted departure of Navas was played at 500,000 euros, big tensions Campos / Henrique on the Soler file?

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The transfer window is ultimately played on few things. This is what Keylor Navas must say to himself. Eager to join Naples during the month of August, he had agreed with the Partenopei for a three-year contract according to L’Equipe.

But this failure was played at 500,000 euros. While he receives 1 million euros gross monthly in Paris, the Italian club offered him lower salary conditions of 1.5 million euros. The Costa Rican had agreed to give up one million euros and hoped that PSG would put up the remaining 500,000 euros. Refusal of Antero Henrique, which therefore put an end to the file.

When Campos and Henrique fight for Soler!

Another soap opera that held the end of the Paris transfer window in suspense: Carlos Soler. It also created tension between Campos and Henrique. On Tuesday, the sports daily tells us that the first named has sent a firm transfer offer to Valencia of 18 million euros plus bonus.

A few hours later, however, the second also made an offer, but for a loan with an option to buy. Surprised by this approach when Soler had only one year left on his contract, Valencia finally accepted Campos’ proposal, which shows the tension that there was between the two men this summer.

to summarize

The aborted departure of Keylor Navas would have been played at 500,000 euros. At the same time, the Carlos Soler file would have been the subject of tension.

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