The baguette for less than €0.90 is over: here is the amount you will now have to pay!

In fact, inflation has been doing a lot of damage for many months now. All prices are rising, no sector is spared. If the power supply has taken a big hit, it doesn’t stop there. Indeed, whether fuel, shopping, energy and now the baguette. No product appears to display the “before” price”. We tell you all about the price of the famous baguette.

A baguette for less than one euro

You too, you have been familiar throughout your childhood with baguettes not worth a euro or even a few francs. Well store this souvenir with the other distant ones, because you risk never seeing a baguette again for less than a euro. It’s the sad reality of a world where inflation is king. Indeed, inflation does great damage to daily life. While workers are even thinking of quitting work as the journey in gas is so expensive, well, now it’s another big problem that arises. The rise in the price of a good baguette.

But unfortunately the baguette is not the only one to make us roll our eyes when paying. Whether pasta, rice, mustard when you crack open, everything is expensive. Much more than “before”. Moreover, according to figures from INSEE, it is still an increase of 4.5% for baguettes. A number that passes the baton from 89 cents to 93 cents. Of course, it depends on where you are going. There have been baguettes for a long time now at prices exceeding one euro.

The reasons for the increase

No, it’s not to do like the others that bakers raise prices. In fact, they too are victims of inflation and unfortunately this is reflected in the prices of their product. Just like for school notebooks which must increase in price because of the paper pulp which is also increasing. Well here it is the same case.

Indeed, making a baguette now costs much more than before. So to remain profitable, traders have no choice but to increase the price of their products. Thus, between March and May, the wheat price has risen A half. And moreover, making bread costs resources, in particular electricity and water, and for that, resources are needed. All these small additional costs are therefore reflected at the lowest, on consumers.

Price developments

Compared to the inflation figures, the baguette is not doing too badly. Indeed, some products have seen their prices skyrocket to exorbitant sums. Dominique Anract, the president of the national confederation of the French bakery pastry, declares to BFMTV that “If we had to pass on the increases to the prices, there would be increases of 30% (i.e. a baguette at €1.20). All items increased: raw materials, energy and packaging. Ultimately, that’s a very reasonable increase”.

However, we could hope for lower prices if ever wheat became plentiful again and therefore its price fell. Nevertheless, it must be kept in mind that the energies do not seem ready to drop. Thus, there is little chance the price of baguettes to fall again.

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