the bill becomes steep in Chambéry restaurants

A fish and chips at €20, a burger or a bavette at €24, here are the prices of dishes that have been recorded in some restaurants in the city center of Chambéry. Abnormally high prices even in summer. Why do cards suddenly seem so expensive? It is no longer a mystery to anyone, it is inflation that has pushed establishments to revise their prices upwards.

Meat, dairy and eggs are among the long list of foods whose costs have skyrocketed in recent months. For restaurateurs, it’s hard to keep their heads above water. “Products such as mustard or sunflower oil, which were minimal on our bills at the start, now have very high costs”, explains Michel Naas, owner of the Savoyard restaurant, and representative of the National Group of Independents of the hotel and catering industry (GNI). Another example with cheese, which has grown by more than 10% since spring and could reach +15%…

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