the chilling testimony of Hamraoui on his aggression

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Kheira Hamraoui breaks the silence. The Paris Saint-Germain player had not spoken since her attack which occurred last November while she was driving her vehicle with her teammate Aminata Diallo. While the legal case follows its course after many twists and turns, the French international returned to her aggression in the columns of The Team : “I experienced an attack of incredible violence. Two hooded strangers took me out of the car I was in to beat me in the legs with iron bars. That evening, I really thought I was going to stay there… I was screaming in pain. I tried to protect myself as much as possible. This scene, for me, lasted five minutes. It was unbearable. I keep a very painful memory, very heavy. »

Kheira Hamraoui then spoke of the months that followed this attack, marked by tensions in the PSG locker room after the police custody of Aminata Diallo, suspected at first: “When I found them, I felt a locker room in shock. There was a heavy atmosphere. The girls were torn between misunderstanding, fear and anger. The vast majority of them supported me. I was also touched by the support of all the staff and the club. My reconstruction would have been much more difficult if I had not been supported. I also want to thank my most faithful family and friends who have helped me through this whole ordeal. When the daily asks him if the situation has degenerated, the French international prefers to temper: ” Degenerate is a big word. For me, there were amalgams, misunderstandings, things left unsaid that served the collective. It could have happened otherwise. Looking back, I tell myself that everyone did what they could. I think you have to show a little empathy in the face of such an extreme situation. Imagine a peaceful locker room undergoing an unprecedented shock wave. It is very difficult to manage”

Hamraoui talks about his sidelining

An incident had even broken out with her teammate Sandy Baltimore, leading to Kheira Hamraoui being sidelined: At the end of training, on a set piece, we did not agree on the action. I told her to talk to me because she was behind me. There were just words. But as it happens, every day, in all clubs, girls or boys! We talked about a raised hand from me on my partner, it never existed. »

“My relationship with the coach is good”

Kheira Hamraoui, not retained for the next Euro, does not lose sight of the French team: “I did my best to participate in the Euro with the France team. Considering the events experienced, I have no regrets. Corinne Deacon has made her choices, I respect them. It’s up to me to give everything to get back there. I am an experienced player. I know how the system works. I am convinced that I can still contribute to this great team. My relationship with the coach is good. I think she won’t hesitate to call on my services if she thinks it’s the right time for the team and the collective. »

to summarize

Kheira Hamraoui returned at length to his assault and the months that followed in the columns of L’Equipe. The French international was attacked with an iron bar last November while she was in her vehicle.


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