the disturbing faces of Elon Musk

Again, all attention was on him. His name is not the only one to appear in this story, however, he is not even the only billionaire mentioned. The story ? Elon Musk reportedly had an affair with a lawyer named Nicole Shanahan. Problem, it happens to be the wife of Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google. Which would have, in return, filed for divorce and sold his stakes in the companies of his friend Elon Musk.

A case that found itself at the end of July as well on the front page of the very austere “Wall Street Journal”, with its pages of stock market quotations, as of the “New York Post”, the trashiest of American tabloids. Logical, after all. Musk is both the richest man in the world and a figure in global pop culture. At the same time CEO of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, of the rocket manufacturer SpaceX and a recurring guest of the biggest talk shows on American TV, where he puts on a show in front of the cameras.

With his empire built by reinventing old industries, Musk, who forbids nothing, neither in business nor in his life, has become the current embodiment of the American dream. With a Promethean speech as a bonus: he says he wants nothing less than to save humanity by transporting it one day to… Mars. Philosopher Eric Sadin, a longtime critic of the spirit of Silicon Valley, explains:

“He is not a simple industrialist like Rockefeller was. [CA’sfirstbillionaire[lepremiermilliardaireduca

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